Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet me at the corner

Jonah’s friend Jordan lives down the street and Jonah always wants to have Jordan over to play. Everyday he asks me “Can we meet Jordan at the corner” So, that’s our routine. We call up his mommy and if she says it’s okay for him to come over, we meet them at the corner and walk back to our house.

I really wish growing up that I had lived close enough to my friends that we could just meet at the corner but we lived on nine acres so it was more like “can your mom drive you over to my house” or vice versa.




These two have a lot of fun playing together. They both share the same interests – dragons, knights and baseball. It’s so nice having someone on our street that is same age as Jonah!

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Formerly Gracie said...

I'm so jealous that you have friends so close. The other day I waved to our next door neighbor and she came up the driveway to ask what was wrong. (I was waving, so clearly I must have been in distress...) Yeah, I miss Texas A LOT!

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