Monday, March 29, 2010

Tonight I will hold them a little tighter

Tonight I will read one more book to Jonah and snuggle with him in my arms a few minutes longer before turning out the light. Tonight I will rock Meredith a little slower and give her extra kisses on her sweet forehead before I lay her down in her crib.

Because tomorrow I will hop on a plane at 5am long before anyone wakes up to North Carolina to start another chapter in my life with a new career. I have been home now for a little over a year and while I have enjoyed every minute I have been able to live out my dream as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) there was always a small part of myself that longed for the days of my fast paced career.

I worked very hard before I got married and before I had children to excel in project management in the healthcare industry so when the opportunity to go back into the field and into that role again was offered to me, I jumped at the chance. I have been very fortunate in my career that most of my positions have been work from home with minimal travel and this one is no different. I will have to travel a little more upfront as I learn the ins and outs of the company but eventually I will be doing my day to day tasks at home with a night or few nights away here and there. (I mean what mom wouldn’t want a night away at a hotel with dinner, all expenses paid every once in a while right?) I think this will also be a great opportunity for Josh and Meredith to bond while I am gone. When I was on bed rest in the hospital pregnant with Meredith, Josh and Jonah became extremely close and that makes my heart happy! So I’m looking forward to him and Meredith sharing the same bond.

Meredith will be attending the same private preschool that her brother attends and I have no doubt that she will excel there as he has over the years.

It’s an exciting time and I feel very fortunate and blessed to be given this opportunity when so many people are worried about their jobs and the economy right now. So, I will give it my all just like I try to do with my marriage and my children and all of the other ten million aspects of my life!

Wish me luck! Here’s back to life as a Work at Home Mom (aka WAHM).

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