Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a frightfully fun Halloween! We had a very busy but definitely a fun Halloween! Josh's mom, Grandma, and I took Jonah to the Scare on the Square downtown to do a little trick or treating at the various stores. But Jonah was more excited about riding the train, playing with the very large blow up pumpkin and dancing to the Halloween music! I took both the Dragon and the Hot dog costume with us because he couldn't make up his mind which one he wanted to wear before we left but in the end he chose the Dragon costume.

After we came home Josh and I took Jonah trick or treating around the neighborhood. We had been practicing saying trick or treat all week but I think he had more fun ringing the doorbell and knocking on their doors. He always said trick or treat before they even opened the door.

Jonah was sick last Halloween and we didn't get to go trick or treating so he made up for it this year by scoring so much candy we had to start stuffing it in our pockets! Jonah tried to persuade us to open all the candy after we came home so as a compromise we let him have three pieces! He stayed up pretty late thanks to the sugar rush!

Baking cookies on Halloween Eve!

Scare on the Square

Trick or Treating

The loot!

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Erica Wink said...

Look like Jonah had a blast! I think we will be having candy negotiations at our house for months.

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