Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Debate

While some were watching the Presidential debate on TV last night we were having our own debate at the Schneider Town Hall. The main topic of discussion – Halloween Costumes.

Last month Josh and I began asking Jonah what he wanted to be for Halloween and he clearly stated “a Pirate” as his choice for a costume. Easy enough! There were multiple Pirate costumes available online ranging anywhere from $25-$30.

Then Jonah changed his platform when Jerod, uncle and college student, asked Jonah what he wanted to be for Halloween one night at dinner about two weeks ago. Jonah proudly stated “A Hotdog Weenie”.

Based on this response I began a wide search on the internet for “Hotdog Weenie” costumes. Well, to my surprise I found a very cute one on the Pottery Barn Kids website. The cost of this costume would run taxpayers around $79. Now I have no problem spending $79 on a pair of shoes for Jonah because I can justify this cost. But $79 on an outfit for a toddler that will be worn one night for approximately 3 hours is hard for me to justify to the Schneider Budget Committee Chair, Josh Schneider.

Last night tensions were high as we began the debate to discuss both sides of the issue when Commentator Josh asked Jonah again, “Jonah, what do you want to be for Halloween?” Jonah held his position with a very cute smile and stated “Hotdog Weenie”

Mommy’s rebuttal, “Jonah are you sure you don’t want to be a pirate like Captain Feathersword on the Wiggles?”

Jonah’s immediate response was, “No!”

So now I’m left struggling with a huge decision to make and I’m not sure which way to vote. What’s your view? See poll on the left side bar of the blog to cast your vote! Thanks!

Hotdog costume:

Pirate costume:


This Southern Belle said...

I'm just shocked that you were able to find a hot dog costume somewhere as mainstream as PBK! Ha! Good Luck with that one--I never can win the great costume debate at our house! If Jonah is anything like Jackson was, he will change his mind again before Halloween comes!

Erica Wink said...

We have have been debating on duvet covers for Isabelle. She has changed her mind so many times that I finally bought fabric without her. I figure once she see's it she will love it. Jonah is going to change his mind a couple of more times before Halloween. I think the Budget Committee should over rule the, they did in real life. No one wanted the bail out but we still got it =)

Amy said...

I think they are both cute, good luck with that!

lauren_kitts said...

of course the hot dog... common he's a schneider and will always pick food over anything else... ha ha

lauren_kitts said...


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