Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dragon Tales

Here's the tale of a two year old boy that had his heart set on a hot dog costume but his mother couldn't justify the cost of spending $72.00 on a Halloween costume. She was starting to feel like the evil wicked mother. So after many debates the mother finally took the boy to Toys R Us to look for a new costume. The boy found a vibrant dragon costume that seemed to make him very happy so the mother swiped her check card for $29.99 and they both walked out of the store hand in hand with smiles upon on their faces. The boy put the dragon costume on that night and pranced around the house observing his dragon tail and dragon wings and waited anxiously until his dad came home so he could show the dad his newest possession. Everyone was happy!

The following weekend the mother and father went to San Marcos for a little getaway and while the mother and her friend were shopping at the outlet mall she stumbled into the Pottery Barn outlet and guess what was hanging on a rack right by the front door and marked 70% off? You guessed it - THE HOT DOG COSTUME! One 2T hot dog costume and $25 dollars later the mother walked out of the store feeling very proud of her purchase and couldn't wait to get back home to show the boy.

When they arrived home Sunday evening, the mother pulled the costume out of the bag and the boy giggled with delight "It's a hot dog weenie!" and gave the mother a huge hug. Suddenly the evil wicked mother became the best mom on the block!

The End


This Southern Belle said...

Oh, Monda! That worked out perfectly! He makes for a very cute little weenie!

Amy said...

Funny how it all worked out!! He looks cute in both costumes!

Courtney said...

that is adorable! LOVE the PB outlet!!

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