Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go Bobcats!

This weekend we relived our college days by taking a road trip down to San Marcos for Texas State's Homecoming even though it will always be Southwest Texas State (SWT) to us! We met our friend's Johnny and Sarah for lunch and then hit up the bookstore for some Bobcat gear before heading over to the tailgate party with the Delts. Johnny and Josh are both Delta Tau Delta alumni! Yes, Sarah and I could have hung out as alumni with our sororities, Sarah was a Zeta and I was a Chi Omega, but we didn't really know any of the girls there so we just stayed with the boys! It's always fun to be the pregnant girl at a college tailgate party where the beverage of choice is beer but my sweet husband stocked up the cooler with bottled water just for me so I was good! Sarah and I had a blast people watching and checking out the newest trends in college attire! See picture and fashion report below! It was fun to be back and see how many people showed up to tailgate and it brought back a lot of memories! We watched the game for a little while but it was hot and TSU was getting slaughtered so we headed out! Johnny and Josh went with the frat boys to the local hangouts and Sarah and I hit the outlet mall! After we shopped we met everyone for dinner at the River Pub. Then we went down to another Irish pub on the the square for a little while. But around 11pm my eyes got heavy so Sarah and I headed back to the hotel while Johnny and Josh partied it up at the Delt house! I think they had a great time! It's so funny to think that we didn't even go out until 10 or 11pm when we were in college and now I can't stay awake past 11pm!

We slept in on Sunday, had some yummy Mexican food at Mamacita's and then headed back to Dallas! It was a nice little getaway with Josh and our friends but it will probably take me all week to catch back up on my sleep! :)

Josh and I want to thank Jerod and Lauren for spending the weekend with Jonah! I know he had a great time hanging out with you guys! (They were even sweet enough to take Jonah to a birthday party on Saturday at 10am!!)

TSU College Fashion Report
So apparently the girls had three options of attire to wear to the TSU homecoming tailgate party/football game:

1) Sorority or TSU dress as seen in the picture below (I had to take the picture without looking so conspicuous!)
2) Short denim shorts and cowboy boots!
3) Short shorts (khaki or denim) and boat shoes! There were also several guys wearing boat shoes!

It's crazy! The trends have really changed since we left. We wore oversized sorority t-shirts tucked in our khaki shorts with Cole Hahn loafers and Brighton belts to tailgate parties! Now that's HAWT! ;) Haha!


Courtney said...

FUN!!! we will all have to meet up there one year for homecoming! I am with you, I cant stay up late anymore either!! Hope you had a successfull shopping trip!

Kim said...

I just loved reading the fashion report and so wished you had more pictures! The boat shoes, cowboy boots, wow. Times have changed.

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