Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Falling for Fall

Friday was Jonah's Fall Festival at school. It started with a costume parade. There is nothing cuter than watching a preschool full of children parading around in a myriad of costumes in the school parking lot!

Of course Jonah's costume was my favorite! He chose his dragon costume for the big event though he wouldn't let me take any pictures of him in it, only videos.

After the parade they had a concert, a petting zoo, games and lots of Halloween activities for the kids. Jonah had a great time playing with all the animals. He would run up to the duck and say "Quack" and got so excited when the ducked quacked back! It was really cute.

Checking out the animals at the petting zoo

Playing kickball

Tonging for apples! (side note: Josh wanted me to point out that Mrs. Hong is dressed in costume including fake teeth!!!)

Scary Halloween hand made with popcorn and candy corn!

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