Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm 9 months old today - December 21, 2006!

9 month update - 21 lbs 2 oz, 28 3/4 inches long

We had no idea how this love for our little boy would just grow and grow..
At nine months...
* Jonah sings himself to sleep at night. It's the cutest thing ever.
* He crawls everywhere and very fast I might add. He keeps us on our toes!
* He pulls himself up on anything and anyone - he likes to pull up on the coffee table and grab everything in site and he tries to climb your legs if you stand near him.
* He throws a royal tantrum if you try to change his diaper without giving him something to hold and explore.
* He sleeps through the night really well - usually in bed by 8:30pm and gets up around 7:30am. On the weekends he even goes back to sleep around 9am so Mommy and Daddy can get some extra Zzzz's.
* He loves all kinds of food (no surprise here!)-especially whatever you are eating
* He's becoming quite the pro at feeding himself. Either that or he is giving most of it to Riley!
* Speaking of Riley - Jonah is just totally in love with him! He watches his every move and constantly laughs out loud at him. He loves to play tug of war with their toys and loves to chase Riley around the house. I think the feeling is mutual. Riley loves to go with me to pick Jonah up from daycare and gets excited when you ask "Where's Jonah?"
* Jonah is clapping his hands and waving bye! He will sometimes even give you kisses! He loves to cuddle, so we rock together. That is my favorite time with him!
* Jonah will pull his blankets over his face to play peek-a-book! He also loves being in his tent with his stuffed turtle!
* He's also perfectly content to sit in his room and play with his toys or pull all the books off the shelf which he never gets tired of doing!

* He finds it hysterical when you give him rasberries or tickle the back of his legs and feet!
* He loves going for rides on Josh's shoulders - he kicks his legs and smiles so big!
* He still loves taking a bath and doesn't complain when you pour the water over his head full of blonde hair!
* He has the bluest blue eyes I've ever seen. I love peeking in his room in the morning and seeing those beautiful blue eyes staring back at me from his crib! They will melt your heart! Watch out ladies!!!
* He recognizes me and Josh and has started recognizing family members and friends. He smiles and gets all excited whenever he sees them.
Happy 9 month birthday Snugglebug! You bring us more love and joy every single day! Love you always!

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