Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Blast - 2007

I had to title this major Dallas event something dramatic like the news station does! The storm finally hit and we were iced in on Monday and Wednesday. One of the things I have always loved about living in Dallas is that at least once a year (sometimes twice) we have an ice storm and that means everything shuts down, which is actually good because you don't want Dallas drivers driving on ice. They can't even drive in the rain! That also means no one is going to work even if there is only one icicle on their car! Well, now that I work from home I don't have that luxury so while everyone had a couple of days to hang out and do nothing I still had to work. Fortunately Josh was home and helped me out with Jonah while I typed away on my laptop and took conference calls wrapped in a warm blanket sitting in front of my fireplace drinking hot chocolate! Okay - even though I had to work I was determined to take advantage of the cold weather!

Since Jonah was home he decided to help me out a little around the house with the laundry. I think at first he was a little overwhelmed!
Jonah figured if he just ate all the clothes then we wouldn't have to wash them. I'm just hoping that those weren't Josh's socks from the gym!
Did this pile just get bigger or am I getting smaller??
Laundry time turned into a one hour game of tug of war with Riley and Jonah and the socks. Apparently they both share a passion for chewing socks. During the game I think Riley must have just been going for anything white because it looks like he tried to grab Jonah's sock and almost took it off!

I am going to assume Riley won because I found these socks under our bed the next day.
Now that I have finished all the laundry I can get back to what I do best - playing with my toys!
Jonah had to stay home again because of the ice on Wednesday. This time instead of laundry I entertained him with a clothes basket (seemed to work at Jon and Amy's) and several plastic hangers!
All bundled up and ready to face the 20 degree windchill outside!

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