Monday, January 22, 2007

John and Susan's Wedding - San Antonio

This last weekend we were off to San Antonio - one of three trips to the hill country this month for us. But this time it was just me and Josh. No Riley and for the first time since he was born - No Jonah. It was our first overnight trip away from our precious baby! Uncle Jerod and Lauren came to our house and watched him and Riley for us all weekend while we headed to the River Walk. Our very good friends, (also Josh's fraternity brother and my sorority sister)John McKelvy and Susan Vernor were getting married. Josh was a groomsman so we headed down on Friday for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner.

We both took Friday off but if you could have seen us in the car it didn't look like we took the day off. We were the perfect billboard image for today's modern working couple. I was on my laptop using my wireless connection checking emails and on my cell phone listening to conference calls. Josh was on his PDA checking emails and taking calls from his team. I don't think we actually got to talk to each other or listen to the radio until we got to Temple!

But we finally made it to a very cold and wet San Antonio. Even though we started missing Jonah before we left McKinney city limits, we were looking forward to sleeping in and hanging out together. We were also excited to see a lot of our friends from college.

The rehearsal went well and then somehow (it all happened so fast) I ended up accompanying the guys down the River Walk for John's bachelor party! But I can hang with the best of them. So, after a variety drinks and way past my bedtime I decided to take a cab back to the hotel and let the guys have some fun without a girl tagalong.

The next morning I was wide awake by 6:30am. Josh didn't even move. I finally fell back asleep around 9am and slept until 11am. We both woke up and hung out in our room with John (who didn't seem nervous at all) and then we got dressed and headed to the River Walk for lunch. We ate so much food at Landry's that I could barely move. We headed back so Josh could get dressed and walk over to the church which was directly across from the hotel (loved that!) I got dressed and met some of our friends in the lobby and headed over. The wedding was beautiful. It was in a historic Methodist church downtown. Susan looked wonderful and the preacher didn't mispronounce McKelvy. It was perfect. We headed back to the hotel for the reception. We hung out with everyone and danced and a great time. Afterwards we headed to the hotel bar to hang out with John and Susan, then everyone went to Suede, stayed their for about maybe ten minutes and then left and went to the V Lounge at the Valencia Hotel. We found a comfy couch that seated about 20 (felt like we were in the VIP section) and hung out there until they finally kicked us out. It was great catching up with everyone! It's so funny though how our conversations have changed over the years! It used to be about classes, parties, etc. and now it's about jobs, babies, and recipes!
Mr. and Mrs. John McKelvy
Josh and Monda
Josh and John
The guys - Paul Damico, Mike Orpin, Matt Comer, Josh, and Jeff Deitch

More of the guys - Marc, Greg, Brian, and Ryan

I woke up Sunday morning after the wedding at 5:30am (isn't that ridiculous??) and of course Josh didn't move. I fell back asleep around 6:30am and slept until 9am and then I was really wide awake. So much for sleeping in! LOL. We bid San Antonio farewell and headed home. Of course we had to stop at our all time favorite restaurant on roadtrips - The Stagecoach Inn in Salado. Then we were finally on our way back north so see our little snugglebug! I was excited. Thankfully Jerod had been sending us pictures of Jonah via text messages throughout the weekend so that helped.

We got home and I think Jonah was happy to see us (probably not as happy as we were to see him but that's okay) Riley was excited too. Jerod and Lauren looked happy but worn out(not that Jonah is difficult - he's just very active and likes to keep you on your toes!) We finished watching the playoff game (Go Colts!) and called it a night! It was a good weekend!

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