Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is it Spring yet???

Okay, I like cold weather for about two weeks and then I'm tired of it! Especially now that we have Jonah. He's finally at that age where he can go outside and ride on his toys or sit in the grass and play. But right now it's just too cold and the poor little guy is stuck inside all day everday. He's going to look back at all his photos as a baby and wonder if I was one of those Moms that wouldn't let their kid outside for fear of him getting dirty or contracting germs. He's going to think he was the boy in the bubble! And a little Vitamin D might do him some good. So if someone could please turn on the sunshine in Dallas I would really appreciate it! I actually took him outside for a few minutes yesterday evening before it was dark so he could ride his on his toy and when I say a few minutes it was literally like 5 minutes (just enough time for a couple of pics). Then it was back inside to the fire in the fireplace to warm our hands!

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