Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting to know you....

I was bored tonight so I thought I would blog a getting to know you post!! The questions are taken from an Amex ad I saw in a magazine but I thought the questions were fun and different and maybe you will learn something about me that you didn't already know!

Blogger Name - Monda
Blogger Since - 2006
Occupation - WAHM/Project Manager
Proudest Accomplishment - Jonah
Perfect Day - Sleeping in Late, Brunch with Josh and Jonah, Spa for a Massage and Mani/Pedi, Nap, Excercise, Playground, Shopping, Dinner with adult friends, Going to the movies, in Bed by 10pm*
Most Unusual Gift - a shower radio
Recent Impulse Buy - A stuffed Elmo and stuffed Grover for Jonah at Target
Retail Therapy - the shoe department at Nordstroms or Urban Allye Boutique in McKinney
Can't Shop without - finding more stuff I want!

*not sure if there are enough hours in the day to accomplish all of this but it would still be my idea of a perfect day!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Sounds like we have a LOT in common!!

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