Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Haircut

On Friday Jonah had a post op doctor's appointment to check out the 2ND tube we had put in his right ear. The visit went well and his ears looked great! We were in and out in 10 minutes! Afterwards, I took Jonah to the cuts for kids salon down the street since he was in desperate need of a trim! He was very excited about the race car seat he was going to sit in. That is until the hairdresser squirted water on his head and came at him with a pair of sharp silver scissors! Then, all hell broke loose! Jonah did not want any part of a haircut! He squirmed and squealed and if I had let him he would have jumped right out of that race car! We tried toys, lollipops anything to coax him back into the seat. We even resorted to me holding him in one of the other chairs with a cape on. I literally had to hold his head with him screaming and crying while she tried to trim his hair! It was horrible! We were both covered in blonde hair! She felt so bad she only charged me $5! I don't know why she felt bad! I was the one who had the toddler that acted like he was being tortured which is so weird because he's done so well with all of his other haircuts! It was not one of his finest moments! Anyway, we got to the car and after a close examination I could see why she only charged me five dollars! His hair was so uneven and he had a partial mullet in the back! It was really bad. So, instead of eating at chick-fil-a we got our lunch to go and headed home. I tried my best to trim up the back and all the other uneven pieces but cutting hair is not one of my best attributes! So, needless to say he doesn't have his cute curls anymore but the good news is they will grow back. Because it will probably be awhile before I attempt another trip to the salon with Mr. Jonah!

Here are the final results of the "cut." No more cute curls for now!!! :(

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Genna said...

He still looks adorable!

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