Monday, January 28, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My very good friend Sarah tagged me this weekend! This is my first tag! These questions were harder than I expected but still fun to answer! Enjoy!!

Finish the sentence with the 1st thought that comes to your mind.

I know....that I have a very blessed life!
I God.
I a cold yesterday but it may not have helped!
I am angered....when Riley (our dog) decides he has to go potty right before our alarm goes off in the morning.
I love....when Jonah rubs my cheeks with his hand and then gives me a kiss.
I start working out!
I take....long hot bubble baths at night to relax.
I hear....silence in the background. Ahhh!
I drink....a lot of flavored water
I hate....telemarketers (one just called).
I use....lots of Jo Malone Lip Conditioner right now with the chilly weather.
I find a new house that I love.
I shop!
I feel....happiest when I'm getting hugs from Josh and Jonah
I wear...flats like these most of the time but still love to wear heels like these when I get dressed up! Of course I'm having to save up to buy these particular heels!!
I left...the Superbad DVD in the DVD player and returned just the case to Blockbuster yesterday! Oops!
I spending time with family and friends.
I plan a vacation soon with Josh and Jonah.
I dream....of watching Jonah play at Wimbledon one day.
I drive...a BMW X5.
I lots of different types of music.
I type...really fast.
I think....about too much all the time.
I learn to be more patient.
I wish...Josh and I could retire now!
I am....going to San Fransisco this weekend for a mini vacation with Josh!
I regret....some of the things I've said to those I love.
I care....the most about my family and their happiness.
I should....volunteer more of my time to the causes I'm passionate about.
I am....planning on having another baby soon.
I said...I love you to Josh on the phone a few minutes ago.
I wonder....where my family will be and what we will be doing in 5 years.
I changed....a lot after having Jonah. It put my life into perspective.
I cry....when I think about how innocent Jonah is and what the world has become. I just want to protect him from it forever.
I keys all the time.
I leave...late all the time - usually because I'm looking for my keys.

Okay - so I'm tagging Shannon from the Slade Family and Janna from The O'Neill Family. Copy and Paste and then fill in your own thoughts! Have a great week!


This Southern Belle said...

Monda, Great answers and thanks so much for stopping by! Jonah is so adorable!

Have a great week!

Amy said...

Love this meme!! You learn so much about people from just a few sentences.

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