Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Breakthrough with TMX

So, after almost a year we have finally had a breakthrough with Tickle Me Elmo (see previous post Tickle Me Elmo) To our amazement the other night Jonah pulled Elmo out of his toy bag and said "Hi Elmo!" Then, he gave him a kiss and a hug! Of course we didn't turn him on for fear of traumatizing him but it was still a huge breakthrough! It looks like he might be warming up to the furry red guy!

On Sunday night Jonah and I went to Target and he saw a smaller stuffed version of Elmo and said "My Elmo!" So, I bought him and his friend Grover in hopes that it will help Jonah learn to like the TMX! So far, he's been very fond of Elmo and Grover and he even let them sleep with him the other night! That's huge because before he didn't want anything to do with Elmo!

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