Monday, January 21, 2008

The Weekend Edition

On Friday Josh, Jonah and I went over to our friends Shannon and Bryce's house for dinner. We had pizza and then did what married couples with kids do on a Friday night - talked and watched the kiddos play! We are so old now! LOL! But Jonah and Ryan had a good time hanging out. Saturday morning Jonah and I met Vicky at Willowbend Mall and Jonah acted as Vicky's fashion consultant while she tried on dresses for a charity event. He did really well at Saks Fifth Avenue so he was rewarded with some playtime in the kids area! Afterwards we headed home and then Jonah went to Jerod and Lauren's for a sleepover!

Josh and I ran some errands and grabbed some takeout and then hung out at home before we attened our good friends Jenn and Vincent's wedding shower. We had a lot of fun catching up with some of our friends we hadn't seen in awhile and we finally got to meet our friends Cat and Richard's newborn daughter Grace who was one week old! She was absolutely precious! You forget how tiny they are!

Group pic of the shower hosts with Jenn and Vincent

Afterwards we came home and crashed! Sunday we slept in and then went over to Jerod and Lauren's for dinner and to pick up Jonah!

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Courtney said...

What a great group! I am so sad we had to miss the fun. We will see all of you in April for the wedding!!!

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